[id: new scene, indoors, night. medium shot of a black-lined open empty coffin in one corner of a room with “running the rapids” rock wall with enclosed timbering with horizontal crossbrace in dark wood and smitty’s distressed floorboards. on the wall at the foot of the coffin a large ancient looking scythe is mounted, and a short distance from its head the foot of another coffin, this one lined with bone-white material, is visible. a pair of yellow narration boxes continue adelard’s tale in the customary comic sans font: “we broke in just before dawn, all set to sanctify her place of refuge and render it unusable so that she would be unable to take her rest, and thence to attack when the monster was at her most vulnerable. but, you make plans, and the gods laugh. as we prepared to place pieces of the consecrated host in her resting place something happened which neither i nor papi karl could foresee.” /end id]

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