[id: medium shot of adelard at the bar, still fixing the drinks. the long-haired blonde goth vampire pauses for a moment while lifting the shaker to glance over at his offscreen son as he continues his tale: “for you see, they liked to nest in the lavish homes of their wealthy victims for a space of three days and three nights whilst they slowly drained them of their lives.” /end id]

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  1. Is the blood in the shaker? Bloody Marys? (Not making fun, just illustrating I’m involved in this story, rather than just pressing “like.”) 🙂

    1. Yes indeed it is! Bars in The Sims 2 offer only two options for drinks… Poured (blue) and Blended (red). We always show our vampires drinking the red drinks because what better way to get their required nourishment than to put real blood in their Bloody Marys! XD

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