[id: new scene, indoors, day. wide shot of a previously unseen room on the ground floor of mille house as janet enters from a long wide paisley-carpeted hallway through a dark wood framed double-wide doorway. a narration scroll in the upper left hand corner of the comic strip panel states in old english style font that this is “a few turns of ye hourglass later”. the room appears to be larger than any of the others thus far, and the corner of a dark wood table with medieval chairs extending beyond the right edge of the panel suggests that this is the dining area. a sconce mounted on the wall opposite one end of the table holds three candles which are not currently lit being that it is day. as janet begins to cross the tiled floor in her medieval dress, she looks straight ahead at someone offscreen and says, “hey.” /end id]

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  1. I love her dress — and hair! Her hair = my own hair goals, as I finally grew out the bangs and now I need to cut out all the blonde (that is actually faded magenta, dyed two years ago). I figure in about another 6 months I’ll have brown hair, all grown out like this. (Much more than a few turns of the hour glass, of course!) 😉

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