[id: medium shot of the speaker from the previous panel, standing in the middle of the small room. she is as fair-skinned as the other lady, with long black hair held back by a silver tiara fitted with a large crimson gem, so similarly featured that they might be taken for sisters, though this one is more richly dressed, wearing a multi-chain silver necklace with an even larger crimson gem in the midst of it, and a purple brocade medieval gown with gold accents. it’s hard to tell without makeup and her hair not being dyed blood red, but she’s the spitting image of this webcomic’s character of carmilla karnstein courtley, only she’s not a vampire so the irises of her eyes aren’t red and her skin isn’t grey. behind her between a beige door and a white one, a small red, blue, and gold patterned tapestry hangs on the wall, and next to it above a medieval end table of light brown wood hangs a painting of a woman in renaissance style. the lady continues her speech from before: “was a twist of the knife in the breast from thee, whom my heart hath most adored.” /end id]

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