[id: new scene, indoors, day. aerial shot of a fair-skinned young lady in brown, green, and white medieval dress, with her long black hair braided around the crown so as to tie the rest of it back, seated in a light brown wooden medieval loveseat. behind her part of the mill and stream visible through the double windows indicate this is an upstairs room in mille house. a candlestick as tall as a person stands in the corner, its yellowish candles unlit because it is day. the young woman’s hands are resting on her lap, palms downward, her rapt attention being held by someone offscreen, who according to a speech balloon with its tail extending beyond the left edge of the panel is saying: “each small betrayal that i have abhorred, whether in thought, in deed, or word…” /end id]

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  1. The person off screen – effective composition, keeps focus on subject, yet indicates a veil of distance whether intellectually and emotionally or in feet and inches.

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