[id: interior aerial shot of a sparsely furnished room in mille house, with dark wooden floors almost completely covered by a large rectangular red paisley carpet in the center. there is a wide doorway leading into the kitchen, which has tiled flooring, and perpendicular to that, a stone fireplace that is currently lit. standing in the middle of the room are an elegantly dressed dark-skinned nobleman with closely-cropped black hair, and a light-skinned fellow with short brown hair whom he is in the process of embracing. whereas the former’s tunic is long and expensively dyed a deep shade of blue, the latter is clad in a shorter cut tunic of coarse wool in all its natural shades, cinched with a plain brown leather belt from which a small coinpurse is suspended. “by the love i bear thee, sir peter,” says the better-dressed man with a broad smile, “i shall.” /end id]

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