[id: a large scroll superimposed over a background image of a green field with a few trees in the distance and a steep hill rising up against the clear blue skies. the contents of the scroll are a couple of rhyming verses followed by an attribution in centered text in old english font which reads: “far travailled they thence o’er hill and dell, until at last maeve bad the twa farewell, the fey janet yclept, and feyer still, her ghastly lemman. think ont what ye will, sae lang’s ye think o’ them nae ill. frae castle ruin tae old millhouse sent, yclad in rough clout tae them kindly lent, by maeve hersell, ance mare afoot they went, till footsore they became, wayworn and spent, the which in their blythe spirits put nae dent. ye ballad of janet and ye ghost girl”, /end id]

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