[id: wide shot of the bed from the foot of it as janet remains seated naked on the edge of her end of it and selena continues to slide the rest of her own naked body out from under the covers, with both knees up but with the edge of the blanket conveniently obscuring what would have otherwise been an unseemly display of her privates. in the far left of the panel maeve has turned her back on them and the camera and is exiting the bedroom through its rustic door of dark wood. “early rising maketh a sim whole in body, wholer in soul, and richer in goods!” she exclaims. “great,” janet says sarcastically, the smaller lower case font in her speech balloon suggesting she is muttering under her breath. “they have the same sort of bullshit aphorisms in this time, too.” meanwhile sylvia-as-selena, looking pouty and exhausted says, “i wanna go home!” /end id]

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