[id: wide shot of the other end of the room, where maeve now stands next to a large medieval beer keg. next to it on the floor behind her is a pewter bowl filled with pet food. against the far wall a pair of barrels, one of dark wood and the other of a lighter greyish kind like the one from the previous panel, the color of driftwood, stand in opposite corners. on top of the driftwood barrel is a lit white candle, burned down halfway, and another in line with it in the foreground sits on the far end of the table. these are the room’s only source of illumination other than the offscreen fire in the fireplace. “ah me, in these parts?” maeve exclaims. “alack the day! what’s the world comin’ ta then? and what manner o’ rogue ta leave ye we naught but yer dignity!” /end id]

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