[image description: new scene, outdoors, day. wide shot of a yard within the asylum at 200 road to nowhere in strangetown. in contrast to the desert lands surrounding that town, the ground here is green with grass and there are deciduous trees, piles of fallen leaves, and brightly colored flowerbeds. but it is a walled garden as in a prison complex, designed to keep sims in as well as out, with the brick walls of the facility and its many high windows in the background spanning the upper portion of this panel of the webcomic, as well as a much plainer grey concrete perimeter wall adjacent to it, running past it into parts unseen. it is toward this outer wall that gilda stands staring, her back toward us in the distance. in the foreground, also with her back to the camera, the brunette human sim jill gingerly starts walking toward the alien robot with a tentative “gilda?”]

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