[image description: cut to close-up of ren with holding her own drink with the black lacquered bar counter behind her and still further in the background the still blazing hearth. “ah yes, strangetown,” she says. “i have some… well, let’s just say, unfinished business there.”]

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  1. Canm I ask, how long each image takes to render or is it an animation and these are stills? The quality is excellent as the computer games I used play had LucasArts behind them and barely got as good as these!

    1. These are still images from The Sims 2 videogame by Electronic Arts, which you can take when you play the game using an in-game camera. We add the speech balloons and sometimes other effects like blood using Photoshop. And I agree, for a game that came out in 2004 the quality is indeed excellent!

      The images themselves are rendered instantly and appear in a folder within one of the folders containing the game files. But it does take some time to turn each image into a panel for the webcomic, though we’ve automated it a bit by having reusable elements like the speech balloons already made in Photoshop so that all we have to do is re-size them and add the text. What takes the most amount of time is playing the game so that we can get the shots we need, which can sometimes take hours because if we need a daytime shot and it’s nighttime on the lot, that lot has to be played until the in-game daytime comes (an hour of a Sim’s day is a minute for us, so a full day is 24 minutes, but I for one pause the game often while I’m playing, so that can add a fair amount of time to each play session).

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