[image description: cut to medium shot of gilda standing in front of glass double doors, the left one opened towards us as she has just walked through it. a long hospital hallway recedes into the distance behind her with white tiled walls and cyan and grey tiled floors. on the glass pane of the right-side door which remained closed behind her the acronym E. L. M. is emblazoned in gold copperplate bold, seen in reverse because we’re on the other side of it. gilda looks much the same as always, with pink blush on her sharp cheekbones and bright red lipstick on her full sensual lips, clashing with her pale green skin, antennae resembling that of a star trek andorian protruding from the top of her head through her jet-black hair, and human-like grey-blue eyes, only now instead of a star trek nurse uniform she is clad in the same yellow scrubs as the offscreen human sim to whom she replies: “well, natalie, seeing as they’re all the same, it feels the same.”]

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