[image description: screen grab of a random name generator website with a background the colour of old parchment. in the top left of the frame bold black text in a plain font reads: “Your random name is…” and in the top right a couple of links in dark red text read: “Regenerate” and “Settings”. under a horizontal separator in the same plain font but in much larger black lettering the name “Sigfrido Walker” is printed over a picture of an elder sim with short white hair and a full white well-manicured beard, wearing an off-white suit over a white shirt with a brown tie and brown dress shoes, superimposed over a cornflower blue background with a slight gradient. he is almost imperceptibly smiling, and leaning a bit to his left as he poses with his hands behind his back, casting a short blurry shadow behind him despite there being no visible surface a shadow could be cast upon.]

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