[image description: new scene, indoors. medium shot of the seated elderly gentleman in the matrix room with two other sims standing before him. the one closest to him says, “thank you for your assistance in this matter,” as he looks up at her with his hands still resting on his thighs. she looks identical to the sim known as marcilla except she’s not a vampire, so she has the skintone of a light skinned mortal instead of the grey colour of the undead. her long blood-red hair cascades over her black t-shirt which has a red-lipped, fanged vampire mouth printed on the front, and she’s wearing relaxed fit black jeans. behind her stands a young man of slightly paler complexion with shoulder length black hair and a van dyke. he too is clad all in black, with a dress shirt unbuttoned down to the middle of his chest and rolled up sleeves, and relaxed fit black jeans cinched tight at the waist with a black leather belt.]

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