[image description: cut to wide shot of the path and road that run past desert dorm, with another sand colored building visible in the background on the other side of the road. the featureless desert landscape stretches out into the distance under clear blue skies. in the foreground stands a female student with long blonde hair. one of the steampunk masks sylvia designed covers her mouth and nose. she’s wearing what looks to be a leather vest over a red t-shirt, a pleated black mini-skirt, a spiked leather wrist cuff, and black fishnet pantyhose. “sylvia!” she says with surprise, “you’re not wearing your mask!”]

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  1. Covid infection has increased from ‘low’ to ‘medium’ where I live in the last week, and one of the women I share a house with was diagnosed with it 2 weeks ago. Thank you for showing something about the masks as annoying as they are.

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