[image description: new scene, outdoors, night. aerial establishing shot of maggie’s backyard temple, which consists of what appears to be a stone circle with a nine-rayed star carved within its boundaries, and a smaller circle in the center of the star with a five-pointed star inside of that. strange occult symbols are etched into each of the outer star’s nine points, and another similar symbol occupies the center of the five-pointed star. four lit tiki torches mark the circle’s four quarters, presumably set at the north, east, south, and west of the cardinal directions. a high stone wall enclosing the backyard area grants some privacy. through the rear windows of maggie’s house a few of her guests can be seen still mingling at the bar. two separate narration boxes, one in the upper left and the other in the bottom right corner of the panel, tell us that: “as the hour strikes twelve, maggie leads the midnight procession out into her backyard, where the eldritch ritual will begin. one by one, and two by two, the revellers discard their clothes and rub sacred oils all over their naked bodies!”]

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