[image description: new scene, indoors, night. wide shot of the somewhat spartan living room of the condo inhabited by the punk rock band known as infectious waste. it has grey carpeting, off-white walls, and small bare double-hung windows with black frames. in one corner is an old maroon beat up sofa next to a tire stack end table, but next to that is an expensive looking stereo system with a set of tall speakers that plays vinyl records as well as CDs and cassette tapes, and in the middle of the floor in front of the old fashioned cathode ray tube TV there’s a game console similar to a nintendo 64. in the foreground, far right of the webcomic panel stands zenith, a light-skinned goth with shoulder length, somewhat messy platinum blonde hair, smokey black eye makeup and black lipstick, wearing a black satin nightie and sheer black pantyhose as she speaks into a cellphone: “maggie who? oh hey, what’s up. by midnight? sure, why not. i ain’t got nothin’ better to do.”]

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