[image description: new scene, indoors, night. wide shot of the foyer of maggie’s house, with its continental wallpaper and plank wood flooring. mistress jezebel stands next to a grandfather clock, slightly turned toward it so as almost to be seen in profile, an ubergoth with black hair, black eye-makeup and black lipstick in her usual bondagey outfit consisting of tight-fitting shiny black pvc bra, boy shorts, thigh high boots with stiletto heels, and matching fingerless gloves that reach to the elbow. her straight black hair hangs down to her waist. near her in the foreground stands regina awesome, facing the camera. she is also a goth with black hair, black eye-makeup, and black lipstick, but with a short pixie cut and far more casual look involving a black halter top, faded black jeans, a studded black leather belt and wrist cuffs, and knee-high leather boots. on a coffee table in front of her a couple of yellow candles burn. “pay close attention to everything that goes on tonight, regina,” says mistress jezebel. “maggie is a powerful witch and you can learn much from her.”]

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