[image description: new scene, indoors, night. wide shot of marcilla standing in the dimly lit upstairs bedroom she shares with demona, with its dark grey walls and dark wood floor and wainscoting adding to the overall gloom of the mise en scène. the pale-skinned vampire with long blood-red hair is still wearing the black and red old-fashioned dress of a female grand vampire which she had on in her previous scene. behind her is the staircase leading down to the foyer of demona’s house. in the middle foreground of the scene one of the black wooden posts of demona’s four poster bed extends from the one corner of the bed that’s visible at the bottom edge of the frame to the very top. left of that a cartoon speech bubble with its pointer reaching all the way to the left edge of the frame indicates that the speaker is offscreen, and this is who marcilla appears to be looking toward. the text in the speech bubble reads: “ohhh… ah… oh yes. yes, right there…”]

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