[image description: cut-to: close-up of demona from behind the flatscreen computer monitor, a goth with short black hair in a pixie cut, blue eyes, thick black eyeliner, black lipstick, and pale grey skin resembling that of a vampire. shown behind her is the small but lavishly decorated victorian and gothic styled living room, with a bar counter on which a couple of poured drinks are set. through the large window beside it the street outside is visible, and across it a neighbor’s car and house. only demona’s head and one of her shoulders can be seen from behind the monitor, cast in a bluish glow from the screen as she reads the instant message aloud: “marcilla, it’s me, ren. sorry to bother you but i thought you should know that there’s some strange woman looking for you. she broke into our old house and asked if i knew where you were. i told her nothing, and she left when i threatened to call the police.”]

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