[image description: cut-to: mid-shot of wolf from the front as he continues to look down at the infant, which is now off-screen. shown from the top of his head to just above his belly-button, this silver-haired sim is surprisingly fit for his age, with well-developed pecs and six pack abs. behind him more of the room is visible. there is a pink cat condo in the left corner, and where wolf’s computer desk used to be, or rather someday will be, there is a light wood dresser with a framed painting of a daisy hanging over it. “if i can’t somehow sneak out of here,” wolf thinks, “my presence is gonna be real hard to explain!”]

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    1. Ooh I like that! “Hi, I’m the naked maid you ordered. What’s that? Oh, terribly sorry, they must’ve given me the wrong address. I’ll just head on over to your neighbor’s house…”

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