[image description: cut-to: close-up of the ancient computer’s CRT monitor screen, which displays a web page in an outdated version of microsoft internet explorer. of the text on the web page, only the headings can be made out: “the philosophy of time travel” and “foreword”. an image to the right of the text appears to depict a human torso as seen from the front, and a human skeleton as seen from the side. “i have to study the mechanics of time travel,” thinks sylvia, “so i can figure out how to rescue selena!”]

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  1. well if she can figure out the mechanics of time travel, she has all the time in the space-time continuum to figure out what’s up with him. And go back and take care of it. So no big deal and no hurry because it doesn’t matter, as long as she can do the first thing. Except if she goes back and takes care of what’s going on with him she may change the future…time travel is so confusing.

    These shots are fabulous!

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