image description: new scene, indoors, night. back at courtley manor, caleb is revealed to be the party on the other end of sylvia’s phone call. the vampire is standing in the master bedroom near the french doors that lead out onto the terrace, holding a sleek black and silver cordless handset to one ear. on the desk next to him the base of the cordless phone sits, with its thick black antenna. it was once state of the art but that was long ago. “yes, of course,” the master of courtley manor replies, “it was the first place i looked. then i searched the entire house and grounds.”

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      1. It is, which is why I sometimes go for long stretches without any new content. Like, I didn’t intend to go a fortnight without posting anything but I’ve been feeling lazy due to the heat and it’s like I blinked and a week went by, and then another one. But I’m very attached to the characters, so if I’m away too long I start to miss the lovable dorks. lol

      2. Not bad. These past few days have just been so oppressively hot and humid, but thankfully the nights have been much cooler and that’s when I’m most active anyway. Looks like you’re having a helluva heat wave out West yourselves, far worse than here. Stay safe!

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