[image description: new scene, indoors, night. aerial shot of the inside of a loft or attic with distressed, stained, and battered beachy keen walls and weathered wood plank flooring, lit by two industrial rectangular florescent lights hanging from the ceiling. a narration box reads: “meanwhile, in one of many possible futures”. small white-framed windows are hung with yellowish venetian blinds. there is a dartboard on the wall to the far left and a light wood desk with a blue and green egg chair to the right. at the top of the frame against the far wall sits a strange looking electronic device made of metal, spherical in shape. it’s the sims 2 renuyu senso orb, but previously in this webcomic it has functioned as a time machine. standing in front of it in the middle of the spacious room, shown only from behind, is a man in black, with silver shoulder-length hair. “it’s finally complete!” he says to no one visible. “my life’s work. the world’s first time machine. or else the second, depending on how you look at it.”]

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