[image description: the bottom half of the handwritten letter introduced in the previous shot, which is not only yellowed with age and lightly stained here and there, but bears in the bottom right corner the unmistakable faded brown ring of a coffee cup stain. the cursive text continues: “and i was relying on her to awaken me from the trance, but now it appears that we’ve somehow erased her very existence, so i find myself trapped in the past and unable to return to the future. Or rather, the present. anyway, i thought it best to keep this a secret from everyone here, at least for now, for fear of mucking things up even further. but perhaps if this message gets to you in time–no pun intended, you can call caleb and alert him to my predicament. with his own considerable psychic powers, perhaps he can guide me back. love, aunt selena.”]

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  1. Instead of screaming I’M LOCKED IN THE PAST, she writes a sweet note and signs it Love Aunt Selena. That might be more effective actually.

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