[image description: filling the entire frame is the top half of a page of what appears to be a handwritten letter, yellowed with age and lightly stained here and there. the fancy cursive text reads: “dearest sylvia, i hope that you and no one else will find this letter, and that you still exist and are well. i say ‘still exist’ because i’m not sure how much i’ve already influenced future events. you see, i am trapped in the past, an unmoored soul inhabiting the body of my younger self. my own physical body, the one you would recognize as your dear newfound aunt and erstwhile governess, is as far as i know still sitting in a trance in the tower room at courtley manor. the future doctor janet fell is there as well, or rather her past self–i still find this time travel business ever so confusing–or at least she was, dot dot dot”.]

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      1. Courtley Manor is one of my daily joys, I am invested in the story, it is very cleverly done, and I look forwards to seeing the notifications for new episodes. It is very kind of you to say such nice things about my writing. Thank you. 💗

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