[image description: cut-to: wide shot of the road and sidewalk outside of desert dormitory. the campus is desert flatland with no trees. a medium-skinned co-ed with long blonde hair under a black beanie and no mask, wearing a matching black top and red and black plaid pleated skirt over camo tights, as well as knee-high leather boots lined with spikes, says “nice mask!” as she passes sylvia in the foreground, who is wearing the same purple outfit she wore as a teen, with the same spiked dog collar. it is daytime and very sunny, so sylvia is also wearing sunglasses. her mask is very steampunk, with brass elements and a carved monstrous black mouth in the center filled with sharp metal teeth. “the mask i made for myself is pretty popular,” the narration continues. “in fact, the positive reactions i’ve been getting from many of the other students got me thinking…”]

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