[image description: as the narration continues, we cut to a wide shot of the lounge/study area of la fiesta tech’s desert dormitory. a couple of students are playing at darts. one of them has medium skin and short black hair and is wearing a tie-dye t-shirt, baggy blue jeans, and sandals. the other is light-skinned, has long red hair, and is wearing a brown sports shirt with mustard yellow sleeves and straight leg faded blue jeans. both are also wearing masks, the black haired student’s is purple and the red haired student’s is yellow. in the background the evil cow mascot in their full-body cow suit is playing an arcade game. all three of them are standing six feet or more apart. “the students here are very friendly,” sylvia continues, “and most of them wear masks and social distance, even though there’s no longer any statewide mandate.”]

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