[image description: new scene, indoors, night. medium shot of one corner of a study. against the wall in the left of the frame is a renaissance bookcase filled with various academic books including at least one multi-volume encyclopedia. the floor is covered with beige carpet and the walls are also beige. a cream colored secretary desk with a number of cubbyholes, a few of them containing notebooks or diaries of some kind stands against the far wall under a pair of large windows through which the night sky may be seen. on another wall above the desk is a framed diploma. there is a matching office chair in front of the desk, and on its surface in front of that lies a poster board with eight charcoal sketches of the moth man affixed to it. on the opposite end of the desk is a yellow 1950’s rotary phone, and a pair of textual graphics indicate that it’s going, “ring! ring!”]

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