[image description: new scene, indoors, night. close-up of a hazel-eyed, hook-nosed, medium-skinned woman in a nun’s habit standing in a small living room, looking past the camera to our left. behind her, also to our left, seated on a victorian loveseat, is a light-skinned non-binary individual with short brown hair, round wire-rimmed eyeglasses, and no facial hair, wearing a white dress shirt with black tie and waistcoat, and brown pants with suspenders. they are on the point of opening a book as the nun says, “would you know what i dislike most about this millennium, professor?” in the background to our right a small stereo is playing music, and black text in arial font with a yellowish glow around it tells us that the lyrics are: “now it’s been ten thousand years. man has cried a billion tears.”]

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