[image description: cut-to: a wide shot of the other side of the room from sarnac’s point of view. the vampire’s coffin is in the left area of the frame, upon its marble dais. its lid is raised and it is currently empty, as he who normally occupies it during the day is standing in the middle of the room. behind him an enormous scythe is affixed to the wall. it is so large that it extends from below his waist to several inches above his head, the blade arching over him ominously. in the right of the frame are two bone-white pieces of furniture: a chair made entirely of human bones and skulls, and a matching table, with a round marble top that appears to be smeared with fresh blood, and four legs made from human vertebrae. but most noticeable in this scene is an ancient tome with an eldritch symbol similar to the circle of manifestation seen earlier inscribed upon its wrinkled brown leather cover. the book is floating in the air in front of caleb, about halfway between him and the viewer, and it is surrounded by a ghostly green glow. “yes, my master,” the vampire replies.]

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