[image description: new scene, indoors, night. in the upper left hand corner of the panel, a yellow narration box reads: “back at courtley manor, in the dark windowless room behind the hidden door, which the vampire caleb uses as his lair.” this is a wide shot with the high priest sarnac in the center. the scene is indeed very dark, and some of the background details may be difficult to make out on some screens. the walls are decorated with wallpaper that has alternating dark and light grey vertical stripes, with wainscoting of dark wood. the flooring is also of dark wood. in one corner of the room there is a dark wood medieval chair, and against the far wall, behind sarnac, is a suit of shining armor which is probably empty. hanging on the wall beside it, a metal shield is displayed with two crossed swords behind it. as sarnac steps toward the vampire, who is off-screen, he asks: “dost thou see a book before thee?”]

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