[image description: cut-to: medium shot of the chamber maggie has been conjuring in, from over her left shoulder, revealing the stranger to be a yellow-eyed, green-skinned scaly humanoid, stepping toward her from what was only moments ago the center of the circle of manifestation, which has since disappeared, along with its brazier. the creature is clad almost entirely in crimson. the large hood has a pointed piece that hangs down in front, known as a biquoquet, and conceals all of its head but for the lower part of the face. under its ankle-length cape it wears a loose fitting crimson shirt and matching pants, with a black belt, knee-high boots, and arm guards extending from wrist to elbow. “i am she who must be obeyed,” the visitor replies, and the text is in bright green lithos pro font in a black talk balloon, as with the high priest sarnac in the previous scene.]

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