[image description: new scene, outdoors, day. long shot from behind malcolm’s car which is now parked in his driveway. the rear end of the bright red candy-like souped-up ride takes up most of the frame, but above and beyond it the brown door to the garage can be seen, and through its high rectangular windows, the distant figure of malcolm himself may be glimpsed, all the way in the back of the garage. a pair of yellow narration boxes further establish the scene: “landgraab estate, 4 PM. as malcolm prepares for another full moon, he doesn’t call lucy to tell her their date is off! perhaps he forgot they even had a date, or perhaps he’s been too distracted by his plans. or perhaps he’s just a big ol’ jerk.”]

2 replies to “002468

  1. He’s a narcissist. They remember what they need to remember to get what’s important right then right now because they’re so wonderful they can fix anything else later. Enuff said about how much he ‘cares’ about her.

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