[image description: wide shot of the beat up maroon sofa with three of the five members of the punk rock band infectious waste seated upon it. from left to right: violet rage, the bassist, with black hair in liberty spikes, black lipstick, and the same purple outfit sylvia courtley has been wearing lately, including the spiked dog collar. rudy rude, lead singer, with a blood-red mohawk, studded leather vest over a grey t-shirt, faded ripped blue jeans, and maroon colored workboots. holly domtar, lead guitarist, with rainbow mohawk, red lipstick, a sheer black short-sleeved top over a red bra, exposed midriff, faded ripped bluejean shorts, red fishnet stockings, and black doc martens with red laces. the latter throws up her hands, saying, “what are we gonna do? zenith is infectious waste! i mean, no offense rudy, but you’re barely functional even at the best of times!”]

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