[image description: new scene, indoors, day. two shot of rudy and zenith arguing, from over rudy’s right shoulder. behind zenith, the shabby kitchen with green counters and large appliances including a worn refrigerator and stove can be seen. rudy is a freckled twenty-something punk rocker with a blood-red mohawk and leather vest worn over a grey t-shirt. his girlfriend is a platinum blonde light-skinned goth rocker with curly hair that falls past her shoulders, heavy black eye-makeup and black lipstick, a black V-neck tank top, metal studded black leather belt and wristbands, and faded bluejeans. “where are my pills, rudy?” she screams, her face contorted with rage as she holds her hand out before her, palm upwards. her fingernails are painted black. “you hand them over right now, you hear? i’m not playing.”]

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