[image description: new scene, indoors, day: the basement of lucky jack’s townhouse in downtown sim city. there’s a beat up green couch with several rips in it in one corner. in the background there’s a pool table with red felt. in the foreground there’s a card table with green felt, which zach is currently seated at, shuffling cards. he’s looking up at his older brother jason, who is standing to his right in front of the table, closer to the camera, facing it. both teens have black hair and are dressed entirely in black. zach’s t-shirt says “deicide” on it, in the red ornate font used by that band for their logo. his hair is short, whereas jason’s is longish, tied up in a short pony tail. jason is also sporting guyliner, and his t-shirt has charles allan gilbert’s “all is vanity” skull illusion illustration printed on it in white, over which the word “damned” appears in the gothic lettering used by that band for their logo, and underneath in a plainer font “stretcher case baby” is printed in a semi-circle in all caps. jason has his cellphone to his ear and appears surprised as he says into it: “sam?!? oh my god, i’ve been worried sick about you! where have you been?”]

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