[image description: new scene, indoors, day. lucky jack is sitting on the couch in the living room of the townhouse he shares with his wife kelly, their son lucky junior, and two older adopted sons, jason and zach. he’s wearing a green surgical mask in addition to his customary black fedora, black dress shirt, unbuttoned down to the middle of his bare chest with the sleeves rolled up, relaxed fit black jeans, and black leather boots with pointed toes. he’s watching a program on the soma forty-four inch pancake tech television, and an “electronic” talk balloon with a lightning shaped pointer indicates that the following speech is coming out of the speakers: “this so-called doomsday conjunction of mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, and saturn will certainly be a thrilling sight for stargazers, but that’s all, frank. the idea that five planets aligning will somehow affect the earth in any way is just a load of unscientific horse puckey.”]

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