[image description: cut back to the exterior shot of the porch floor. the strange geometric symbol is now fully visible as it begins to glow with a soft white light. shiny chrome letters let us know in comic book fashion that the sound the symbol makes as it activates is: VORRRP!!! The symbol consists of two equilateral triangles, one inside the other so as to form a total of four smaller triangles inside the bigger one, like the tri-force symbol in the legend of zelda games. this triangular symbol is in turn inside a circle approximately six feet in diameter, and within the largest circle are more circles within circles, as well as three straight lines radiating outward from the innermost circle through the points of the inner triangle and extending all the way to the perimeter. in addition to the innermost circle, which is in the symbol’s exact center, there are three smaller circles, one in each of the three small outer triangles of the tri-force symbol, and three even smaller circles at each point of the inner triangle.]

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