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    1. iā€™m working on a special scene for you joe. it might not be what you asked for but it will answer a few burning questions (sorry i posted this comment multiple times like an idiot & had to delete the others)

      1. I’m nervous. I hope I didn’t give an impression I was looking for something I’m not looking for. Please keep in mind… Heterosexual Male šŸ˜‰ okay, I’ll be quiet

      2. lol i understand. i’m teasing you a little but you did make me want to have a scene in which full frontal female nudity is depicted in a non-sexual, artistic way.

      1. I did a search. I’m going to try and find the movie. It sounds very interesting. The fact that it may include lesbian vampires has almost nothing to do with it.

      2. I like tame and enough left to the imagination to make things interesting. The mysteries of women . . . a mysterious woman . . . life is good.

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