[image description: cut to wide shot of the cemetery from the opposite direction, with the goth girl in the foreground framed from head to toe, but with most of the panel dominated by the beauty of this final resting place with its neatly trimmed hedges, manicured lawns, wrought-iron fences, paved paths, and monuments and headstones of marble, slate, and granite. “ugh! what a complete loser!” she says to no one in particular. “what was i thinking?” editor’s note: dear valued readers who rely on these image descriptions please be advised that there is a long stretch of webcomic panels after this one for which image descriptions have not been added yet. we apologize and ask that you bear with us as we continue working to make this site accessible to you, as there are over 2000 posts to update. the next post with an image description is currently 002203. all the posts after it also have image descriptions.]

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