[image description: medium shot of the girl as she rubs the back of her head, presumably because that’s where she got hit with the purse. “yeah,” she counters, “but you just stood there and did nothing! so gallant. and who takes a girl to a cemetery on a first date anyway?” on the right side of the image, the pointer of the guy’s speech bubble extends beyond the panel’s edge to indicate that he is speaking from somewhere off-screen. “whatever,” he says. “i’m outta here.”]

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  1. Now now. When she saw it was a cemetery, she could have politely insisted that they go elsewhere. Cemeteries are the kind of private places some people enjoy going on first dates. Not most people but some people. In college we hung out at a cemetery but have to say not on a first date.

  2. I feel quite bad for them being attacked by Agnes. Honestly?, though, the cemetery isn’t that odd for a date. I’ve read many stories (like the Ice Palace by Fitzgerald) in which it’s a date spot for humans who are kind of normal… But it’s personally not my preference.

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