[image description: new scene, outdoors, night. two teen goths are arguing just inside the entrance to the “gothier green lawns” cemetery downtown. the first one, a girl with shoulder length black hair, gothy black eye make-up and lipstick, wearing a spiked dog collar around her neck and a dark purple front-zippered short-sleeved form-fitting denim dress, studded leather bracelets and knee-high black leather boots, is saying: “this has to be the worst date i’ve ever been on!” the guy she is talking to is currently only shown from behind. his longish black hair is tied up in a short pony tail and he is wearing a black t-shirt that says “the damned” on the back, and black relaxed fit jeans. with his arms crossed defensively in front of him he replies: “it’s not my fault that crazy old lady hit you with her purse!”]

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