[image description: new scene, outdoors, night. aerial establishing shot of a four-storied mansion surrounded by an estate peppered with various kinds of trees and a small gazebo in the backyard. the outdoor lights are on and there are also lights in some of the windows, but right now no inhabitants are visible. a black sports car is parked in the driveway. on the other side of the street the white van of the repo man with its yellow frowning emoji painted on the side, idles ominously. a yellow narration box at the bottom of the panel displays the following text in comic sans: courtley manor, where a TV psychic detective investigating haunted houses in the area has come to stay.]

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  1. OMG…! I’ve seen those ‘shows’, although usually starring the sorts of psychics you really would rather not actually ‘live with’. To pour on the adverbs.

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